Friday, March 6, 2015

How To Weather The Seasonal Storms of Parenthood

The other day I woke up as mom to a beautiful, emotional, erratic tween girl, and a tenderhearted, curious, hilarious seven year old boy. They have each been living in my home since their births, but somehow, things have changed—and in a sneaky, overnight kind of way.

Just a few months ago, my husband and I were enjoying a very satisfying parental moment as we observed our children making good choices and treating people with love. The sails of our parenting vessel were at full mast and we were cruising along with the wind at our backs. I guess we were asleep when a storm blew in! All of a sudden, I found myself throwing sideways glances at my husband as if to telepathically communicate... [read more]

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Top 10 Things to Lose in 2015

                                                                                        Photo Courtesy of Andrew Lewin via Flickr

Check out my latest article on Single Matters this weekend! What have you got to lose?!

Every year about this time, most of us take stock of our physical well-being, or lack thereof. Right after Christmas and New Year celebrations, I feel extra motivation to shed a bit of bulge. But every January for the past few years, as I ponder the extent of the physical fitness reformation I’m willing to undertake, I get a glimpse of other things I’d really like to lose, too. As you cross the starting line for the New year, let this be the lap when you do some major letting go.

Here are the Top 10 Things I think we could all stand to lose in 2015:

10.  The phrase “Just sayin’”
I feel certain it has run its course. If you have already stated your opinion (usually a snarky one), then there’s no need to try to soften the blow by adding “just sayin’” to the end of it. Let’s all agree to release that phrase to years gone by, huh? You could always make yourself feel better by announcing “Epic fail!” several times an hour if you start going through withdrawals.

9.  American cheese
Let’s be honest: it’s not real cheese. Ditch it. Let me introduce you to aged cheddar, Emmentaler and Brie...(read more on Single Matters)

Friday, October 24, 2014

4 Tips for Managing Your Heart

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Hello, friends! I have an article on Single Matters today that delves into a very personal topic: the heart. God is so sweet to constantly pursue, heal, fill and restore my heart as I open it up to Him.  I hope you'll check out my thoughts on the matter and continue to read over at

The way you pack a suitcase says a lot about you. Maybe you’re the “list” type with a 450-point checklist for your weekend excursion, down to the exact number of Q-Tips you think you will need for optimal hygiene. Or maybe you’re the “whatever” type who chucks in a little bit of this and a […]

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