Saturday, November 27, 2010

Your Word I have hidden in my heart....

As a mom, one of my biggest desires is to plant the Word of God deep in my children's hearts. From my own journey, I KNOW that God's Word contained in Scripture breathes life into my soul - and I want that for my kids!

So, on my quest to find vehicles that will help me accomplish this goal, I have tried listening to many a Scripture CD with Bible verses set to music. Unfortunately, I have usually ended up chucking them or trying to sell them for a quarter at my garage sales. (My musician background just won't let me listen to poorly crafted or lamely executed songs - ESPECIALLY when it is supposed to be something about the Lord!) But now, my CD chucking days are over!

I started hearing about Seeds Family Worship about a year ago from my friend Michelle's posts on Facebook...and then my sister in law, Holly was raving about them this summer. But a couple of months ago, I began to listen to what they actually do. They are AWESOME!!! I just finished listening to their first CD called Seeds of Courage and I wanted to give a little "review" of the album and encourage you to check it out!

Seeds of Courage by Seeds Family Worship
(be sure to read all the way to the end....there's a giveaway!)

This CD has twelve short, catchy songs on it, and I can honestly say I didn't hate any of them! Isn't that terrible?! But, this is truly the first Scripture song CD that I have ever liked and would recommend to anyone. Things I like about it? The styles of music they use range from pop-country to a nod at rockabilly to folk-rock. They are largely guitar-driven, so they are upbeat and accessible. They use real worship leaders as the lead vocalists and add children's voices in different spots. One of the best things is that the songs actually feel like songs - a "hook", a chorus, an A-secton and B-section, etc. There was musical ability used to craft these songs, and therefore you don't feel awkward when you sit down and listen or try to sing them. Then, since a strong musical framework is there, you can really get the message of the Bible verse they are putting on display. I truly applaud them as musicians because they have created a musically intelligent medium that doesn't insult the Scripture! Great job, Seeds people!

My favorite songs on the album are the first one - "Call to Me", the text from Jeremiah 33:3 - and number eight, "Never Be Shaken", using Psalm 62:1-2. Those are my favorites partially because those two verses are special to me, but also because the marriage of the music and the words seems to hit my heart in a profoundly meaningful way.

This CD is quickly rising into high rotation around our house...and I know that before too long my kids will know every word. And THAT is gold to me!

Please check out the Seeds website and find out more about them. I am so very impressed with what they do and who they are. Besides their five CD's (and a new sixth one coming soon), they offer a monthly newsletter, Youtube videos to aid in your own family's worship experience, suggestions for family worship activities at home and so much more. Oh, and lest I forget, one of the coolest things about Seeds is that each CD you buy is actually TWO CD's! One for you and one to give to someone else!

...and about that new CD...their newest album Seeds of Character is available for pre-order beginning December 1! You can find out more info here: Seeds of Character

Because you are all so kind to read my blog...and because the Seeds folks are so cool...I have a link for a free song download: click here ....AND, a CD to give away! If you want to be entered into the drawing for the CD*, leave me a comment! That'll get you one entry, but if you want another, share this blog post online by using the buttons at the bottom, and let me know in your comment that you have done it. (Jesus is watching you.)

And, since EVERYONE needs Seeds Family Worship in your home, all my readers can get 20% off your order in the Seeds store by using this code: DISHESANDDIAPERS

Thanks for taking time to read about Seeds - I hope you enjoy the music as much as I do. And I hope that the seeds of God's Word will be planted and watered in the hearts of every person in your home!

(the drawing for the CD will take place on December 5 and the winner will be posted here on the blog)