Sunday, January 26, 2014

38 Years of Wisdom. Or Something.

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I'm celebrating my 38th birthday today! Actually, I'm taking my kids roller skating, but I TURN 38 today. Which got me reminiscing about life...and all its beauty. And all its ugly. And all of the in-betweens. And how much I love it. All of which led me to making a list of things as they came to mind...

So, from me to you, here are my best take-aways from the first 38 years of my life:

1.  Liquid eyeliner is clearly superior to any other kind.
2.  Sometimes you just need to eat donuts.
3.  Singing your heart out is therapeutic.
4.  You can do ANYTHING you put your mind to.
5.  Your tastes will probably change over time.
6.  Chiropractors are your friends.
7.  Downtime is as essential to your life as oxygen.
8.  Crying is soul-cleansing.
9.  Laughter is the best medicine.
10.  Rejection is part of living.
11.  Triumph is also part of living.
12.  Failure is not the end.
13.  Parenting is mostly hard work.
14.  Parenting is a brutally joyful experience.
15.  Marriage is mostly hard work.
16.  Marriage is a brutally joyful experience.
17.  Oneness with your spouse is deeply soul-satisfying and worth fighting for.
18.  Flexibility is one of the best character traits you can cultivate.
19.  Rising from the ashes of your life is always possible.
20.  ANYTHING is possible.
21.  Faith is empowering.
22.  Coffee is a gift from God.
23.  Flowers make you smile.
24.  Listening is a skill you should develop.
25.  People are treasures. Even the stinkers.
26.  Forgiving other people sets YOU free.
27.  Anyone can come to Jesus and be transformed.
28.  Changing people is not my job; loving people with a tenacious God-love IS my job.
29.  Understanding people is not a prerequisite for loving them.
30.  You learn how to lead by first learning how to follow.
31.  Having a positive attitude/outlook is entirely up to you; you are the only person responsible for your moods.
32.  Depression can't snuff you out unless you give it permission.
33.  One word from God is more powerful than a lifetime of believing Satan's lies.
34.  God still heals people.
35.  The Holy Spirit is still on the move and will empower you when you are open to Him.
36.  My view of God is still too small and one-dimensional.
37.  Your life is what you make it.
38.  A lifetime of pursuing God's heart is rich and full.

...and one to grow on:

39.  Every person can be matched to a Muppet. Just think about it.

Happy birthday to all you Januarians out there! It's gonna be a great year!