Thursday, July 1, 2010

Things I've Learned

1. People are awesome.
2. People are awful.
3. God is always awesome.
4. Flip flops are the perfect shoes.
5. Chocolate is a gift from heaven.
6. Playing in the rain is good for your soul.
7. Love not expressed is not love.
8. I have issues.
9. God is bigger than my issues.
10. Laughter is medicine.
11. Tears are cleansing.
12. It's easy to connect with God in the mountains.
13. I'll never be "the perfect size."
14. There is no "perfect size."
15. Art is in the eye of the beholder.
16. Music is a language all its own.
17. Creativity is implanted in us by God.
18. Marriage is amazing.
19. Marriage is hard.
20. Marriage is worth it.
21. Attitude is everything.
22. I need an attitude adjustment.
23. Serving others is more fun than serving myself.
24. It is important to experience other cultures.
25. I need to speak more than one language.
26. Exposing your heart to a close friend is humbling and scary, but necessary and healing.
27. Words carry weight.
28. The Narnia books and the Matrix movies are excellent parallels for the Kingdom of God and the natural world.
29. The more I understand about God, the more I realize I'm just scratching the surface of who He is.
30. True friends are a rare treasure.
31. Comfort food is sometimes a necessity.
32. Perfectionism will kill you.
33. If my kindergartener knows what "congruent polygons" are, then I probably should, too.
34. It's never too late to learn.
35. Babies change your life.
36. Sleep deprivation sucks the life out of you.
37. You get through it and forget all about it.
38. God's mercies are new every morning.
39. Sometimes I wait through the dark just to breathe a sigh of relief at the first rays of morning.
40. Two are better than one.
41. Submission and humility are the most powerful positions you can assume in God's Kingdom.
42. Up is down. (read my previous post: A kingdom upside down)
43. The clock is ticking.
44. I know who made the clock.
45. Emotional urgency is fuel for prayer.
46. You partner with God in prayer and actually begin to accomplish His purposes when you move out of emotional fury into the place of rest.
47. There is something I can learn from everyone.
48. Sometimes I learn how NOT to speak/act/think - and that's valuable, too!
49. Listening is a skill.
50. I need to listen more.
51. Popular opinion is usually wrong.
52. Every time I take worldly advice, I fall on my face.
53. God is always speaking.
54. I need to hear Him.
55. I can hear God when I quiet my soul and wait on Him.
56. I am transformed in the waiting.
57. Waiting on God is not idleness; rather, it is drawing on Who He is while I am in process.
58. Sometimes you just need a donut.
59. Coffee is easily mistaken for energy.
60. I love coffee.
61. The dreams in your heart are from God.
62. Everything is possible with God.
63. One glimmer of light dispels the darkness.
64. The play area at McDonald's is a blessing and a horror all at once.
65. Kids are washable.
66. The crock pot is one of the greatest inventions.
67. I cannot imagine the daily hardships in the life of the pioneers who settled America.
68. Gratitude changes how you view everything.
69. Large groups of women are not scary - they are powerful.
70. My life is not really about me.
71. Dogs are better than cats.
72. Macs are better than PC's.
73. America is confused.
74. God is not confused.
75. I am not the same person I was 10 years ago.
76. That is a miracle.
77. Forgiving someone is one of the most powerful tools to free your own soul.
78. If you have read this far, you are one of my inner-circle friends.
79. God is good.
80. God is good.
81. God is good all the time.

I was aiming for a list of 100, but I think that'll do! I pray a fresh wind of God's presence into your home, your life and your heart right now in Jesus' name!