Monday, August 15, 2011

Don't Mess With Texas

I am on a California trip right now and really enjoying the mountains and gargantuan swaths of nature that surround us. I love swimming in a lake that is hugged by mountains. I love REALLY tall trees. I love being close enough to drive to the coast...and then taking a day to drive out there and enjoy it.


There are just some things about Texas that I love, too. I am a Texan by birth, and it will always be a part of me. My Texas roots always get tender when I am away, so I just thought I'd bring you along on my list of Texas-ness today. (that rhymes)

1. Boots. Just take a quick look around the room in Texas and you'll find some. Something comforting about that.

2. Longhorn steers. I mean, who doesn't love a cow with ginormous horns??!!

3. Tex-Mex food. Mexican food is not enough. Mexicans could learn a few tricks from us.

4. The friendliest people on the planet. Southern hospitality is pretty amazing, but Texans take the cake. The most fiercely loyal friends I have ever met are Texans.

5. The accent. It's pretty unique...and it used to annoy me when I was younger. I tried so hard to mold my speech into something more proper. Now, I like it. It's home-y to me. Texan will always be my native language.

6. Football and cheerleading. No one gets it like Texans. And don't get me started on homecoming. Mums are the coolest.

7. Gateway Church. My favorite place to connect with God's people and join them in expanding God's Kingdom here on earth. There are lots of great churches in Texas, but this one's my favorite! And my home!

8. Big jewelry. I love me some big silver hoop earrings, girl! While I lived in Tennessee for several years, I purposely toned down the size and sparkle of my jewelry. But, since then I've been set free. Bring on the bling!

9. Big hair. It didn't stop in the '80's, oh no. And that works for me, because no matter what I do, my hair always ends up back in the wavy lion's-mane style I'm currently sporting. My hair fits in Texas. It's my hair home.

10. Big bigness. Everything truly IS bigger in Texas. Food, cars, guns, egos...

Well, thanks for enduring my country-song reminiscence of my homeland. Feel free to brag about your own...

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