Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Make 'Em Laugh!

Humor is SUCH a God-thing! Even in my season of deep, dark depression, one laugh could carry me a long way.

After I had my first baby (my sweet little Claire-Bear, who is almost 6 years old now!), I plummeted into a spiral of depression like nothing else I had ever experienced. I no longer wanted to be around people. I wouldn't answer the door or the phone. I cried all the time. Everything seemed dark and empty. I retreated into a cocoon inside myself and was barely able to function or care for my newborn. Some other time I will tell you how the Lord brought me out of that horrible place...

BUT, even while I was in the midst of it, laughter was such medicine to my soul! My husband has this stupid little thing he does to make me laugh...that he invented during that hellish season of our lives. Back story: I have always thought it was so funny to watch our annoying little dog cough up a "furball" or whatever got stuck in his throat. Something about the way he craned his neck and tried so forcefully to hack up that nasty thing. Anyway, at one of my lowest points, Tim looked at me with a mischievous grin and said, "Look what I can do..." and proceeded to imitate Ollie (the dog) as he hacked up a fur ball. Sounds so stupid, but it made me laugh. And Tim has been able to lift burdens off my shoulders many times since then by that little routine. (Like, even last week!)

The point, you ask? Well, whatever your situation is today, I just want to encourage you to add a little humor into the mix. It will do your heart some good!

This little ditty always makes me laugh - it's old school and definitely for those with a theatrical flair, but good for a laugh, nonetheless:

Donald O'Connor "Make 'em Laugh" from Singing in the Rain

I'd love to hear some things that make you laugh...or some funny stories that would make the rest of us laugh! Post your humor "meds" in the comments!

Blessings to you today, friends!

Job 8:21 "He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy!"

Proverbs 17:22 "A cheerful heart is good medicine..."


  1. My husband is the funniest person I know and so he and the kids are always great at providing an atmosphere of laughter. I am learning to laugh more at situations and myself and it really changes the paradigm completely! Here are some of our funny stories:

    Steve's best weapon for lifting my burdens has always been the fact that he cracks himself up...that is just hilarious to me...and when he is telling a story or saying something funny, his face gets all red, he laughs through the humorous part, and slaps his hand on his knee.

    Madisyn's rendition of "All Things are Popsicles" by Hillsongs on the way to church.

    Catching Dillon in the kitchen at 2am with white icing all over his face and seeing 10 cupcakes lined up in a row across the counter (all missing the icing of course).

    This blog is great! I am enjoying it already and cannot wait to read more!

  2. MAKE EM' LAUGH!!!
    Got a kick out of this scene and the following vclips that I ended up watching just b/c they had to do with "Laughing." THANKS FOR THE AB WORKOUT CRISTA!!!LOL! Who knew I could sit at the computer and truly CRACK up!

    Love your blog entry, and it's so true girl! without laughter it would be a rather dull place. laughter has gotten my hubbie and I through some pretty ugly arguments!!! I believe God has a TRUE sense of humor too! He loves to watch us BUST OUR GUTS!!!! I think he delights in our laughter :0)

  3. You are an amazing young woman, Crista!!! I'm so thrilled you are blogging and sharing your heart to and with your generation. A generation that will benefit from your honesty and love for the Lord. A generation greatly in need of a fresh whisper from the Lord through an open vessel such as yourself. Bless you as you continue to serve Him.