Thursday, December 29, 2011

Top 10 Things to Lose for 2012

Just to put you at ease, I'm telling you up front that this blog post has absolutely nothing to do with your weight!  At least the number on the scale....  (and incidentally, I don't own a scale on purpose)

So, with Christmas cookie in hand, I now present the 10 best things you could ever lose this new year:

10. The noisiest game app on your phone.
"Oops, kids, I think that one disappeared somehow.  Sorry!  Try this new one about knitting."

9.  Pet fish.
"Rest in peace, little Finny."  Replace little Finny with Ivan the avocado seed (halfway submerged in water) and watch him grow.  Fun for all ages.

8.  The half-used cosmetic items you have held on to for, oh, 8-10 years or so.
But I don't know anything about that one.

7.  That turkey you've had in your freezer from over a year ago.
It's freezer-burned to Hades, my friend.  Let it go.

6.  Your need to have the last word.
On everything.  All the time.  Because you're right.  About everything.

5.  False guilt.
Maybe let this year be the fresh start on knowing what IS your burden to bear and what isn't.  Guilt from any source really isn't yours to bear at all, but ESPECIALLY false guilt.  False guilt is when you,  or someone else heaps bad feelings on you for things beyond your control.  Like when your mother says something that makes you feel bad for the way your husband responded to a situation.  Not your problem!  Don't carry it around!  Or, like when a friend hangs the blame for a failure on you, except you had no way to control the outcome.  If you twinged when you read the term "false guilt" then I'll bet you have been carrying some on your shoulders, maybe even in your heart.  Ask the Holy Spirit to show it to you and help you let it go.  Jesus took all our junk, shame and guilt on the cross and did away with it.  Don't take it back!

4.  False humility.
When someone compliments you or makes a big deal about your performance or abilities or appearance, JUST ACCEPT THE COMPLIMENT!  Don't deflect the attention and affection under the guise of "humility."   Even saying, "It's all God" smacks of false humility.  If it truly were ALL God, it would have been flawless....  Just say, "thank you" with a grateful heart and receive the compliment.  The way you honor God with those compliments is by offering them back to Him in your intimate, up-close moments with Him.  God loves when you partner with Him.  And when you're in step with Him, people will take notice.  Let them.  The picture of you and God dancing together (in whatever you're doing) speaks so much and reaches deeper into the soul than any compliment deflection ever will.  I could preach on this one, but we must move on.

3.  Your agenda.
Perhaps you haven't figured it out yet, but sometimes your plans aren't God's plans.  I'm just telling you from experience it's SO much better to come to God and ask Him to fill in your schedule rather than bringing your full schedule to God and asking Him for help.  When you bring a blank page to Him, He will take you on the most exciting adventure!  Let go of your self-imposed schedule and ask the Lord what He has for you this year, this week, today.

2.  Your philosophy.
Have you considered that the way you make sense of the world might not be the way it really is?  We all see through our own experiences and ideas, naturally.  But could this be the year that you let go of your "philosophies" and let God show you what's really going on?  He gets excited when you take a step toward Him like that.  Just come to Him with openness and a teachable spirit - and you will start seeing and understanding life from His perspective.

1.  Your life.
This is the time of year when everyone starts setting goals and making spreadsheets to accomplish their dreams in a matter of twelve months.  The human will is actually a very amazing thing - when you determine to do something or become something, you most likely end up doing and becoming.  Culture tells us that we must "make something" of ourselves to have life to its fullest....but Jesus tells us the exact opposite:  "He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for my sake will find it."  Matthew 10:39 NKJV     I even like the way The Message says it a little better:  "...If your first concern is to look after yourself, you'll never find yourself.  But if you forget about yourself and look to Me, you'll find both yourself and Me."  Matthew 10:39 MSG   

When I say to "lose your life", I am not talking about the cessation of your heartbeat.  I mean the laying aside of your dreams, plans, ideas and feelings and letting the God who knit you together show you your life.  Letting Him shape you into who you are destined to be - who he designed you to be, and how He sees you in Christ.  (Never met Him?  Click here and read this.)  The best way to end up with a full life is to let God be the Producer, Art Director, Script Writer...  Just let go of yourself and fall into the hands of the most capable Being there ever was.  Say a blanket "yes" to Him before you even hear the directions.  I PROMISE that you will wake up breathing, as if for the first time, and seeing in color like you have never known before.  God is amazing. God is truly awesome - in that when you get a glimpse of Him, you are filled with awe.  You can trust Him with your life.

So...bring it on, 2012!  What have we got to lose?


  1. I loved this Crista! Sooo funny & true!

  2. Such a great new perspective that has touched me deeply and makes me even more excited for 2012 cause I can make changes with being willing to allow God to make those changes within me! Thank you for being real and letting God lead you in writing to encourage others!

  3. Laughing and amen-ing through this list!!! Been on same journey doing inventory for 2012 ... what stays ... what goes Lord?

    Love you Crista! ~Ris

    Actually taking your queue and chucking some make-up! ;)

  4. Love this list! Was already planning to go through my make up bags (yes, plural)... and asking the Lord to reveal his goals for me in 2012. Bring. It. On.

  5. Amen! Is God calling you to start a church in Utah? =) LOve you!