Thursday, December 8, 2011

Some Sparkle In Your Christmas

Christmas is the best.  It's my favorite.  The season where people think of others more, where the name of Jesus is uttered by countless lips - from believers and non-believers alike.  The time when people open their hearts and begin to see the true beauty of the Love that appeared on our scene one cold night in a stable.

Every year, our family gravitates to someone in need during the Christmas season, and this year is no exception.  All the planning and dreaming of how we can bless this person and their family is truly the highlight of the whole thing for me.  This December we have been unusually consumed with schedule stuff, so when I saw the spiritual neon sign over the family the Lord was highlighting for us and heard the little "ding-ding-ding" go off in my heart, I just tried to ignore it and move it farther down the books.  Like, a week from next Tuesday.  But alarms kept going off in my spirit and I just couldn't ignore it.  I wanted to lean into the voices that whispered in my ear, "You are in no position to be taking on a family and spending tons of money on them right now.  This is way beyond what you're capable of."  But the Holy Spirit's tug in my heart was stronger.  He kept re-routing my life to run smack into this family and their needs.

So, I finally got in line with Him and reported for duty.  And the angels sang!  I got a download of heavenly strategy, made a few connections, who made a few connections, who made a few connections...  And ba-da-bing!  We have a really fun, sneaky surprise Christmas coming for this family!  (I keep saying "this family" because I can't let the cat out of the bag yet!)

Who is the Lord highlighting for you?  Will you just toss the "you can't do this" voices aside and report for duty?  The Lord is amazing.  He is not asking you to singlehandedly fund someone's whole life.  He is asking you to say yes to Him, and He will then give you ways to bless and care and love like you never imagined.

The way we're doing it this year:  mobilize people who know this family, and friends of friends who like to give and bless.  Create a list of needs and tell people to get after it.  We have already had several gifts come in, gift cards,'s SO CRAZY FUN!  We're working on the details of delivery...sneaky, sneaky...  And it is going to absolutely blow these people away.  You have GOT to get on board, friends!

Ask God who, in your own life, He is wanting to bless.  He will definitely show you.  Then gather up some friends, co-workers, enemies - whoever - and just see what God will do through you!

How are you blessing people this Christmas?  I'd love to hear YOUR story!

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  1. I just love this Crista! You aren't let lack of time or resources stop you, you are getting creative and sacrificing where necessary. What an act of worship! Since the kids are so young, we are simply tapping into an angel tree like ministry that our church has. It's fun to shop with Hope for someone we don't know. But I look forward to doing more creative things in years to come as the kids grow and can really participate. Thanks for sharing. So fun to hear what others are doing to bless people during the holidays!